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Why my choice was the University of York?

Khoo Weng Lum takes you on his journey from finding the right university to enjoying his first year as student.

Khoo Weng Lum
Studied in University of York Economics and Finance

Choosing a university

It’s been my life’s ambition to study in a high-ranking Russell Group University. This is because of the reputation they have around the world.

I chose York in particular because it met my very long list of criteria. Not only did it offer world-class teaching, but also award-winning career support, a chill and calm environment, an exciting city and plenty of networking opportunities. I especially couldn’t wait to get involved in the societies. From the United Nations to the Taylor Swift society, they had something for everyone.

I was also excited when I received the University of York ‘Be Exceptional’ Scholarship. It immediately melted my financial stresses away. It has without a doubt enhanced my student experience at York.

University life

It was tough settling in given I had come from the other side of the world. But with everyone’s support I soon started to feel at home. From your college community to the University staff, there’s always someone there to help. The Malaysian community, especially the Malaysian Society, and the diversity at York really helped me feel like I belonged.

I’m studying Economics and Finance and love how well structured the course is. The first term focused on providing a solid foundation for the later terms and beyond. Everyone received help regardless of previous pre-university education. This boosted my confidence because I didn’t take A-levels. If you’re ever confused you can also ask your lecturers after class or via Zoom which is great.

There’re plenty of opportunities outside your studies too. As an analyst with the Griff Investment Fund, I was part of the UK’s first-ever student-managed investment fund. I learned so much and even got to pitch a stock which was added into the fund. I was also part of York Community Consulting, a pro-bono student-led consulting scheme. I’ve experienced life as a professional and completed a project for a start up company. These experiences helped me secure internships.

The campus really makes it for me. The lake, greenery and wildlife make you feel like you’re in a park or reserve rather than on campus. It helps soothe and relieve any kind of stress which is a nice contrast from the hustle and bustle of the city.

York is small and historical (in a good way!). Coming from Malaysia, I feel blessed to live in this intriguing and safe city. This is a city like no other with plenty of tourist attractions to explore. It’s regularly voted as the best place to live in the UK and I can see why!

I think my favourite moment at York so far was skating in the rain with my friends at the York Winter Wonderland. Coming from a tropical country, we’ve always had ice skating indoors with artificial ice. It was an eye-opening experience and one I’ll never forget.

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