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Why Lancaster University?

Ira shares her experiences in the UK and the reasons she chose to further her studies at Lancaster University.

Ira Isa
Studied in Lancaster University MSc Finance

One of the major reasons I chose to pursue my studies in the UK is because of the high standards of teaching, learning and research in many institutions here. Also, most of these institutions generally have very impressive international reputations – which I believe can really help me in building my career in the future.

I chose to study at Lancaster University primarily because it’s known to have one of the best business schools in the UK. When I was looking for universities in the UK to further my studies at, some of the criteria I had included a highly-ranked business school, well-structured programmes/courses, advanced campus facilities, great career advice services, and an overall calm environment – and found that Lancaster University had ticked all of the boxes, hence why I am here today!

Teaching, learning and career support

So far, my course has been a very challenging but also very rewarding programme. The first term was quite fast-paced, and within our second month of studies, there were already quizzes scheduled every week to test ourselves on what we’d learnt the week prior. I quite liked this system as I believe it was done to help us keep ourselves on our toes, and learn to prepare for the modules well in advance of the major exams.

The lecturers have also been amazing at helping us understand the content – from allocating ‘office hours’ or separate Q&A sessions to answer any of our queries, as well as uploading additional teaching videos alongside the recorded in-person lectures so we have more materials to refer to.

All in all, it’s been a great experience and I would expect no less from a highly-ranked and well-reputed business school.

One thing I really love about the Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) is how it has its own amazing dedicated careers service with strong links to industry-leading employers who they run events with throughout the year – which is a great opportunity for networking. The team behind it all is also really friendly, and is always ready to get to know our career interests and coach us through the job application processes.

I personally find the team’s online CV checker tool really helpful, and I’ve also had the opportunity to attend a number of webinars and online networking events that the team organised – which have really helped me in planning out my potential career pathways after graduation.

Lancaster University has also been really great at handling the Covid-19 pandemic, and I really appreciate the measures they have taken so far to protect their students and staff. The University has created a really safe environment on campus where masks, sanitisers, and asymptomatic testing kits are provided at large, and Covid testing and vaccination centres are readily available on-campus. I’m not too worried now if I get sick (touch wood), because I know help is always nearby.


At Lancaster University, the student community is very rich in cultural diversity. My own class cohort consists of students of many different nationalities with various cultural and religious backgrounds, as well as different interests and experiences in life. I like how this has created a safe space for me as an international student to interact and make friends with a diverse group of people.

Lancaster University also has a collegiate system which I find amazing as it helps to create smaller communities you can easily socialise with. Each of the nine colleges here has its own identity, accommodation, facilities and social scene – in a way, it really helps you to make friends outside of
your course, allowing you to make the most of your university experience.

I am also part of the Archery Club. I had never touched a bow and arrow before joining this club, so learning how to assemble the bow and shoot arrows, and gradually getting better at them every week for the past few months has been a really enriching experience for me. It was through this club too that I made some really good friends – whom I now spend a lot of my time with while exploring and trying out many new club and society activities. Sports clubs here are very friendly even towards absolute beginners, so I’ve had a very fun time trying out many different activities.

Discovering campus and the city

If you are a nature lover, then Lancaster University is definitely a great place to pursue your studies at! The campus is surrounded by nature and lots of greenery, and it’s very easy to spot all sorts of little animals running around, such as rabbits, hens and ducks. You can also enjoy a walk through the Woodland Trail and watch the flora and fauna around you.

One of my favourite places on campus has got to be our very own Lancaster University Sports Centre! As I am fond of doing sports in general, I really appreciate how well-equipped and diverse the facilities provided in the Centre are. Facilities range from a variety of high-tech gym equipment to a swimming pool to its own climbing wall – the Sports Centre has everything I need to always keep myself physically active.

I love how despite it being a city, Lancaster has its fair share of green spaces and is also close to the Lake District and the coast – there’s even a castle nearby in the city centre. If I feel like it, I can easily take a short bus ride to the beach where I can unwind and relax. It’s not a huge city, but it has everything you’ll need within walking or a short bus ride – I like how this makes it a less daunting and more convenient city to navigate.

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