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What I’ve Learned From My First Year at Warwick

Jeffrey Siaw shares his experience as a first year student at the University of Warwick

Jeffrey Siaw
Studied in University of Warwick Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics & Economics

If I were to describe my overall experience in Warwick with a single word, it would be delightful. When I first arrived on campus, I was greeted by warm red leaves which seemed to welcome not only a new season, but also myself. I was taken aback by how beautiful and vast the campus was. At that point, I was certain that this was where I wanted to study, build relationships, and create fond memories.

With Warwick consistently being one of the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom, it is without a doubt that the courses offered at Warwick are intellectually challenging and stimulating. During my time as a first-year MMORSE student, I was exposed to a new way of teaching that took some getting used to. As the subject matter tackled in university is more in-depth and sophisticated, we are required to thoroughly understand concepts to lay a sturdy foundation for future progression. To conclude, independent learning will be a vital part of your university life and it will take time to adjust. But do not worry, lecturers will be there to guide you along your way.

Being a student does not revolve solely around studies too, it also includes developing skills relevant to your future career aspirations. Warwick provides an overwhelming amount of support when it comes to the career side of things. A good starting point is to discuss such matters with your tutor. Alongside a personal tutor, the university also conducts workshops that help students with their CV, cover letter, mock interviews, and even how to optimise usage of LinkedIn! These materials are all accessible through Warwick’s exclusive my.advantage portal, but do note that some sessions are on a first-come-first-served basis. In addition, Warwick has good ties with companies that are scouting for new and aspiring employees. Therefore, opportunities will be abundant for students to apply for internships both in the UK and internationally.

The University of Warwick is also known for its diverse student population. Subsequently, it allows for a myriad of student-run societies and organisations. A fun fact is that the university has more than 200 active student societies on campus. This enables students to partake in extra-curricular activities of their liking. From various cultural societies to a bubble-tea society, it is for certain that you’ll find one to match your interest. I, for one, am part of the Warwick Malaysian Students Association, and it is an absolute blast providing the sensation of home to the Malaysian community at Warwick. Being a part of the organising committee allows for personal growth and for building new friendships. The takeaway from participating in extra-curricular activities is that you’ll meet like-minded individuals who will undoubtedly enhance your university experience. Besides, participating in extra-curricular activities also contributes to your employability as a fresh graduate. As a degree can only take you so far, companies are seeking individuals who are active in all aspects. Do not miss this opportunity that will elevate your university experience.

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