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UoR was just what I needed!

A once in a lifetime opportunity to experience life in the UK and gain my independence

Tasha Sabapathy
Studied in University of Reading BA Business and Management

My journey with the University of Reading began in Malaysia. I did my foundation year and first year at the comfort of our local campus, and then transferred for my final two years to Reading, UK. Summarising my 3 years of degree life into short paragraphs will be tough, but I’ll do my best!

I had the pleasure of transferring to the UK with my Malaysian pals and that made the transition a lot less stressful and scary. This did lead me to staying in a safe bubble of familiar friends and faces for quite some time before being courageous enough to meet new people. The University did a really good job in organising tons of events for students that made me come out of my shell! From free pizza and hot chocolate almost every other week, to stress-relieving petting zoos just before our final exams! I have to say that even if I didn’t feel like socialising, these events were worth getting up, getting dressed and walking to campus (not that I stayed that far away, I lived on campus). These student welfare activities are some of the key highlights of my time at Reading. The close proximity of campus from Reading town centre made it so easy to go out and about definitely kept me busy during the weekends!

I also had the pleasure of travelling around Europe and the UK though most of my time was still spent in Reading. My family came up for Easter and we managed to travel around Italy, which was the BEST thing ever. Casual trips to London for musicals and music events were thrilling! Windsor Castle is also not too far from Reading and a day-trip there really gave me that much needed mid-term relaxation! Reading itself might seem small but I’d find myself discovering new spots or routes to take within the small town, so I can safely say, I do love Reading. Attending Church with my close friends and having brunch at a local cafe after are definitely homely experiences that made my Sundays enjoyable!

Moving on from Reading, I discovered my passion for marketing and decided to further my studies at King’s College London through an MSc Digital Marketing course! Having travelled to London a few times whilst I was at Reading, I am somewhat familiar with the streets of London and thought that it would be an amazing opportunity! Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I have been studying my Masters programme from Malaysia since September last year and I look forward to flying back to London at a safer time later this year! Now that I am mid-way through my course, I realised Reading gave me the necessary skills to further ease my transition into a Masters course. Among these would be the an entrepreneurial mindset, communication skills and confidence to step out of my comfort zone! I realised that going online meant I had to be a lot more courageous in terms of making friends, being more active in classes and etc. Reading definitely taught me to open up to new people and that really helped with my online experience.

Overall it was an amazing opportunity to be in the UK and at Reading, and I couldn’t be more grateful for my time there and to where it has led me now!

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