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Sheffield has the perfect balance between nature and city life

Grace loved studying at Sheffield so much that she chose to return to do an MSc in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence after successfully completing a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.

Jia Mei Grace Lim
Studied in University of Sheffield MSc Student BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, MSc Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

Why did you choose to study at Sheffield?

Sheffield is one of the Russell Group Universities, meaning that you can be sure that the education provided is of high quality. Not only does Sheffield focus on academics, they also prioritise extracurricular activities by hosting various events and allowing students to express their interest with like-minded peers through the many clubs and societies available. A good balance between the two is crucial for personal development.

Why did you choose to study your chosen degree?

I chose to pursue a masters in cybersecurity and AI as I am deeply interested in Artificial Intelligence and this course exposes me to the field of computer forensics and cyber threat hunting. Combining both fields, this course offers interesting research topics and allows students to critically think of methods to solve the challenges in the field in this modern age of data overload. We are also given the chance to conduct threat detection in controlled environments through practical lab sessions.

What did/do you enjoy most about your course?

My favourite things about the course are that I get to dive deeper into Artificial Intelligence, and also get a taste of cybersecurity. Before this course, cybersecurity always seemed too difficult to get into, which worried me a fair bit before I started this course. However, with the academic plans of the department, I was able to get a better grasp and understanding of cybersecurity.

What did/do you like best about Sheffield and the University?

Known for being the greenest city in the UK, Sheffield has the perfect balance between nature and city life. Sheffield has numerous parks, such as the Botanical Gardens which has the most adorable squirrels, the historic Weston Park, and of course, having the Peak District so close by is also a shout. However, this doesn’t mean that Sheffield is all nature and nothing else! There are a wide range of sport activities and social events in the city and in the Student Union. The Student Union has been No.1 in the country for years too! The University also puts in a lot of effort into ensuring students are heard and that students receive the best teachings possible.

Do you have any plans for after you graduate?

After graduation, I plan to seek work internationally or form a start up with some close friends. I would really like to explore the world while I can.

Anything else you would like to add?

Naturally, student life in Sheffield has changed a lot due to the pandemic. However, thanks to the rigorous online platform provided by the university, students are still able to learn through live lectures for having discussions, mimicking how studying would have been like before the pandemic. Students are also able to social network through online events hosted by the University, such as the Global Campus, and clubs and societies.

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