Brooke House College

The Brooke House community is lively, diverse and caring; it is a happy place with a strong family atmosphere, where friendship matters and where the courteous informality between staff and pupils is highly valued. Its pastoral framework is simple yet strong. Everyone matters, in what is for nearly all the pupils, their home from home.

At the heart of Brooke House, the teaching and learning experience is paramount. By design, its class sizes are small, allowing excellent interaction between teachers and the boys and girls. In addition, Brooke House has a strong passion for a wide variety of co-curricular activities, especially within the fields of sport and art. Its football academy and motorsport academy are internationally known and respected.

Academically, Brooke House offers a programme to suit all tastes. If you wish to follow the traditional path of GCSEs and A Levels, you can do so. If it is an intensive course of English that you require, Brooke House offers that as well. In addition, we have pioneered a highly respected University Foundation Programme, which also caters for students wishing to study medicine at university.

Whatever path you choose to follow at Brooke House, you will leave Brooke House full of fond memories, friendships that will last a lifetime and with the confidence to become a future leader in the 21st century world you enter.

Source: Brooke House College website

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