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Northern Ireland & Belfast - A hidden gem for studying in UK

From KL to Belfast, Choo Yi Kang shares why he chose Queen’s University Belfast and how it has been one of the best decisions he has made on his journey to success.

Choo Yi Kang
Studied in Queen’s University Belfast LLB (Hons) Law

Yi Kang Choo named 2021 Allstate NI Queen’s Student of the Year
Won a Diana Award

There are actually a couple of reasons why I chose to study at Queen’s for my undergraduate studies! Primarily, I was attracted to the university when I met a lecturer from the University at my college in Malaysia. They were super friendly, and it somehow reassured me that the people and community at Belfast would be really conducive for my learning as it will be a safe and happy place to stay at!

Besides, Queen’s University being a Russel Group University, especially its law school which is really prestigious, is also one of the few main reasons I chose to study here. After three years, I am proud to say that my decision didn’t fail me – as I benefitted so much from the amazing facilities and academic/career support within the university. For example, one of my greatest highlights was being able to draft and contribute to the 2021/22 Modern Slavery Public Consultation for the Northern Ireland Department of Justice. Even as an undergraduate student, I was given the opportunity to research the impact of Covid-19 on the importance and limitations of the current Modern Slavery Strategy, especially on key areas such as supply chains. Being able to have a real-world impact on what I have learnt at this stage is something that I would never have expected to do when I first started studying here at Queen’s!

Finally, I think I was someone who was more attracted towards a university that can provide a holistic student experience – whereby we can not only receive high standard education, but we can also learn about the culture of the place/city, take part in various extra-curricular activities, and basically have an enjoyable/memorable study experience abroad; and this is why Queen’s became my first choice.

The university is strategically located near the city – which means that everything is really accessible for students, and we can also explore various places within Northern Ireland, or even down south in the Republic of Ireland, with ease! Furthermore, as a law student and someone who is really keen to learn about the history of a place/country, the unique post-conflict societal background in Northern Ireland also gave me a lot of insight, and I learnt so much while interacting with all the friendly people in the country!

Looking back to the three years that I have spent studying at Queen’s University Belfast, specifically within the School of Law, I think they were truly memorable and amazing! The holistic student experience that I have received while studying here – be it the extra-curricular activities, career & skills development opportunities that are made available for students, or the incredibly friendly & beautiful city, are all the reasons why I will never stop recommending people to study at Queen’s if there’s a chance for them to do so!

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