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My Journey at Queen Mary University of London

Aina shares about her meaningful experience at Queen Mary University of London—from stimulating classes, outstanding career support to inclusive communities

Aina Burhanuddin
Studied in Queen Mary University of London BSc Computer Science

One of the top UK universities with 9 Nobel Prize winners and a member of the Russell Group! I was intrigued by what Queen Mary University of London had to offer. Located in the hub of opportunities, London, QMUL promised an exciting and enriching journey. I wanted to experience the university’s degree programme and build a pathway to becoming a successful graduate. Let me walk you through my journey on why I chose QM.

Upon joining QMUL, I was impressed by lecturers’ innovative teaching methods. For instance, one of my lecturers used interactive approaches to explain complex concepts, like using students as study models to illustrate the Last In, First Out (LIFO) principle in Computer Science. This made learning more accessible and enjoyable. Beyond academics, the support for job prospects at QMUL is outstanding. I subscribed to a weekly QM email that listed current internships, industrial placements, and graduate roles. The university’s QM Career Hub website also lists available jobs, which can be filtered and saved according to our fields of interest. Through these resources, I secured a two-month summer internship in a Data and Privacy Team of an investment company!

Student life at QMUL is also exceptional. The university offers a perfect balance between academics and social life. I participated in Futsal matches with other UK universities and performed in MNight, a Malaysian cultural play, for the first time. These activities helped me grow as an individual and make friends from numerous fields and different parts of the world. As a student from Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country, I initially worried about adapting to a new cultural environment. However, QMUL boasts a diverse community! We even had Tarawih prayers in congregation last year, which made me feel at home. QMUL’s inclusivity and accommodation of students from various backgrounds is truly commendable.

When looking for a place to settle, the housing placement team at QMUL was incredibly helpful. For first years, I’d say campus accommodation would be the best option as you’ll make friends and be close to campus at an affordable price. But worry not if you’re unable to; I stayed at a private accommodation my first year. It was a bit challenging to find a suitable place to stay as I was unable to do physical viewings of houses before arriving in the UK. The housing team was very resourceful and kindly assisted by showing many alternatives. We found a partnering company of the university that provided reasonably priced private student rooms. Additionally, the QM Student Pad website played a key role in finding wonderful flatmates and accommodations for my first and second years.

In conclusion, my decision to choose QMUL was driven by its outstanding academic reputation, supportive community, and vibrant student life. The combination of excellent teaching, career support, and cultural diversity has made my journey at QMUL an enriching and transformative experience.

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