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Nadia shares her experiences on living abroad, her course, university and how to make the most of student life overseas.

Nadia Zulhasni
Studied in University of Sheffield Masters in International Management

I have had various setbacks in life, but one thing did not change for sure: My determination to further my studies in the UK. Many years on and here I am typing this 6,553 miles away from my comfort zone called home.  So far, the grass IS greener at this other side of the world… and for that, I am grateful for having the privilege to be here. I also promised myself to grab every opportunity I can while I’m here, aside from studying.

After all, life’s about seizing opportunities – so yes, carpe diem!

In Sheffield, there never seems to be a dull day. Whenever I want to fill up my free time, I head to the university’s website, click here and there; the next thing I know, I find myself somewhere in the university listening to talks, or joining some random event.

One of the first few events I attended was during World Week. I can vividly remember one of the discussions called ‘Breaking Boundaries’ where three speakers of diverse backgrounds spoke about their experiences and how they attempt to break the social stigma around them. Very eye opening; a tear or two dropped. The discussion reiterates that we have the power to make a difference to turn this world into a better place through education.

These kinds of talks are so different than the ones I attended back home in Malaysia. There is a bigger exposure on sensitive issues and nothing is taboo – a worthwhile eye opener!

Next, I got in touch with my inner Malay to join the cultural Malaysia Day in the Students’ Union building. I even dressed up in my traditional kurung batik costume!

In between classes and assignment deadlines, there are many study support skills workshops, networking opportunities and career talks organised by the university’s Employability Hub. I’ve been to talks from many industry professionals, one notably on how a career pathway in HR can provide a lifetime of opportunities, challenges and job satisfaction when exposed to different people from different industries – something I had never considered!

When I say opportunities… I really mean there are countless here! The photo at the top is a picture of me attending the grand opening of iForge, a makerspace area for students run by students! I got to learn and witness how they use the high precision laser cutter, 3D printers, and working tools among many other cool stuff I never imagined of using in my entire life!

I’ve also had the opportunity to join ‘This Girl Can’ week! A week filled with sports and fun activities exclusively for female students, which are mostly free to join such as baseball, tennis, skate, self-defence and cricket. All in all, it was great fun while increasing our confidence to engage in sports!

Well, this girl definitely can! And this girl will never run out of things to do in the University of Sheffield. Opportunities are limitless — it just depends on how you make the most out of your time here as a student!

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