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Making the biggest and best decision of my student life

Edwina has been passionate about the environment but was unsure which field she wanted to focus in. Read how she discovered University of Glasgow and how everything fell into place

Edwina Dominic
Studied in University of Glasgow BSc Environmental Science & Sustainability

When thinking about where to study, I was encouraged to look at universities in the UK and discovered the University of Glasgow. I had always been passionate about the environment but unsure about which field I wanted to focus in. I knew that I wanted a job that allowed me to travel or work with both people and the environment.  As I did research into the different programmes available, the one that stood out the most to me was the Environmental Science and Sustainability degree which is based at the University’s Dumfries Campus. The course allowed me to study a broad range of topics that I was interested in, mainly agriculture, soils, and marine life.

Dumfries is a great place to study this topic. We have the farm next to the campus which we work with for research classes, and there’s so many different areas to explore around the region. I love the small town and it really helped with my nerves to know I wasn’t moving overseas to a big city; everyone has been very friendly! I’m now in 4th year, and I am hoping to continue working in the UK after graduation by gaining a Graduate Visa.

I moved into the Halls of Residence for first year, which was great as everyone was exploring – discovering the campus and the region for the first time together. The campus is intimate, and the class sizes are small, which means I can really get to know my teachers and peers. I’ve made some really amazing friends and connections.

Moving from Malaysia, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in Dumfries. I came with an open mind and it was so reassuring to know there were other international students studying on campus, and we could figure everything out together. I think that brought us all even closer.

One of the highlights of my time with the University was during COP26 when I was able to take on a paid internship on campus. I worked with staff to produce a public event in Dumfries for over 300 people, as well as digital content relating to climate action.

My internship was a great experience because it meant I could engage with members of the public, politicians, policy makers, and active researchers. I could share the skills and knowledge I’d learnt through my courses and put some theories and experiments into practice. I think that it brought the community together and I feel very privileged to have been part of that.

Now that I am getting closer to graduating, I am starting to think about what I want to do next. Through my dissertation, I have gained valuable experience that has made me more passionate about agriculture and soils. I hope with my knowledge and experiences throughout my time in University, I will be able to help with food security in the world.

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