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Enriching life, unprecedented days

Jie Wey was in her year 2 studies when COVID-19 pandemic hits. Read how she copes with studying and keeping in good spirits.

Jie Wey Kong
Studied in University of Leeds MArts BA Music and Music Psychology

I have a huge interest in Music and Psychology hence I decided to pursue a degree related to these subjects. I found that the University of Leeds is one of the universities in the UK which offers Music and Music Psychology as an integrated master’s degree. This program is unique and can be said to be one-and-only in the UK. Knowing that the university places in the top 100 universities in QS Ranking and is also a member of the Russell Group universities, I made my firm choice to enroll in Leeds to pursue my tertiary education.

I am now currently moving to my third year of study and have already been in Leeds for two years, I am confident to say that I did not regret accepting the offer. Leeds is a very student-friendly city where it is very convenient to travel around with its established public transportation services and they have everything I need. I love the diversity and friendly vibe at the University of Leeds and I feel welcomed on the day I step my feet at the university door. Although at first, I can’t escape from getting homesick and culture shocks being in a new city away from my comfort zone, Leeds has made me feel like my home away from home. I made many friends from different countries and various backgrounds, and we always keep each other company as all of us are on the same boat – living far from home. We enjoyed studying hard together, spending time with each other, exchanging cultures, and of course, sharing our country’s delicacy with each other. Hence, I am grateful I made the right decision and enjoyed all my moments in Leeds so far.

During my 2nd year when the pandemic hits and lockdown has been placed in the UK, all of my classes have been moved to remote learning. Not being able to be in proper lecture halls for classes and having physical interactions were challenging for my studies and social life. However, during this testing circumstance, I started to set timetables and write out plans to cope with this new norm. I kept myself occupied with tasks so that all my time staying at home will be used wisely.

Besides academic tasks, I have a part-time job as the Link to Leeds Ambassador and put myself forward as the Undergraduate School Representative for my School of Music. Although my schedules were packed due to the number of things I have on my plate, I have a wonderful learning experience throughout the journey. Other than that, I do make sure I get to relax and do things I like to maintain good mental health during the lockdown. My flatmates and I often watch movies and spend time with each other. I do also make video calls to my other friends who are staying at home to keep each other in support. All in all, I did try my best to stay positive and I can say that I do cope well during the pandemic.

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