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Discovering the Leicester Law Experience: A Journey of Growth and Opportunity

In this essay, Harish would like to take you on a personal journey and share his perspective on why choosing Leicester for his Law degree has been a truly enriching experience. Leicester Law School offers much more than just a degree, it is a gateway to empowerment and personal growth. Read to find out the reasons why Leicester stands out as an exceptional choice for aspiring law students. From award-winning law societies and informative career services to a vibrant and diverse student life, Leicester offers a unique blend of opportunities that foster academic excellence, cultural immersion, and holistic development.

Harish Varthan
Studied in University of Leicester Bachelor of Laws

Choosing the right university to pursue a law degree is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your future career prospects and personal growth. In that sense, I’m really lucky to have chosen Leicester to pursue my Law degree.

To me, I think the Uni experience is more than just getting that degree and enjoying the night life. It’s about living in an entirely different country independently, taking in the culture, engaging with the faculty of learning and making a tonne of mates while you’re at it.

Here’s why I chose Leicester and Why you should too:

National Award-Winning Law Societies:

One of the biggest wins of being a part of Leicester Law school is the opportunity to participate in award-winning law societies. Growing up, I despised public speaking and extra curricular activities because I thought I didn’t have what it takes to do them. My Uni experience changed that for me! These societies provide an exceptional platform for you to engage in legal discussions, Pro Bono work, participate in mooting competitions, and organize guest lectures and workshops. By being a part of these societies, I had the opportunity to enhance my practical legal skills, and network with professionals in the field including solicitors from Magic Circle Law firms and KC Barristers.

Informative Careers Services:

The University of Leicester offers outstanding careers services dedicated to supporting law students in their professional development. These services provide guidance and assistance in securing internships, which are crucial for gaining practical experience and building a strong foundation in the legal field. Additionally, the careers services offer resources for CV writing, interview preparation, and networking opportunities, ensuring that students are well-equipped to pursue their desired legal career paths successfully.

Diversity and Vibrant Student Life:

Leicester itself is a diverse city, offering a multicultural environment that celebrates different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. As an international student or someone who values diversity, studying in such an inclusive setting can greatly enrich my university experience. Moreover, Leicester is renowned for its vibrant student life, with numerous entertainment options, restaurants offering diverse cuisines, and a thriving nightlife. This combination of a diverse city and a lively student scene ensures a well-rounded and enjoyable university experience.

Honestly, there’s a lot more to Leicester Law than I can say in one article. I’d love to share my experience with anyone who’s thinking of Leicester.

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