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A transnational education experience

Jamie is currently in her second year of degree in Lancaster University, she shares her experience in the UK and the support she receives from Lancaster University.

Jamie Tay Jia Hui
Studied in Lancaster University BSc Hons Business Management

I am Jamie from Malaysia, currently in my second year of degree and will be going into my final year this upcoming academic term. I completed the first year of my degree in Malaysia at Sunway University, then transferred my credits to Lancaster University in hopes of graduating from Lancaster.

I am currently enrolled in a Business Management course. Given that I am more of an opportunistic and venturous individual, I thoroughly enjoy this course as it has a wide coverage of 21st century business models and provides me with rich insights about various aspects of modern marketing. As opposed to the modules offered in my home country for the same degree, Lancaster has an extensive range of modules for students to choose from, which I really appreciate as each module taught was more specialised and detailed.

Being one of the students from Sunway University that opted for the overseas study experience within my course, I was very familiar with the Lancaster University team in Malaysia. The team has continuously kept in touch to check in with me throughout my time in the United Kingdom. I really do feel touched and comforted whenever I receive an email from them, as I was reassured thanks to their support.

Aside from this, I have also participated in a few events hosted by Lancaster and Sunway to promote the transfer programme such as the virtual open day, which I was more than happy to help out with.

I would personally say that Lancaster University is close to the ideal overseas student experience that I had been looking forward to. As an individual who is not keen on extravagant social activities and who enjoys nature, the suburban landscape was really appealing to me.

I am also part of a volleyball team, which allowed me to get to know and interact with many other international students. It is undeniable that every culture has its own social language, and it took me a few months to adapt to the local culture. It may sound intimidating at first, but I am sure anyone would soon enjoy it if they keep an open mind when approaching someone new. I have never felt excluded as my flatmates and my volleyball friends are kind and helpful to me – we also got along with one another quickly!

Being a gym freak myself, I absolutely adore the on-campus sports centre. With three different gym rooms and the brand-new multi-purpose court, I would say that the sports centre may easily be my favourite place on campus. I really love the campus in general, especially in the morning as I would often take morning walks while admiring the picturesque scenery, it is a nice mental break from studying.

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