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A rollercoaster of emotions for a degree in Medicine !

Mahesh was beyond thrilled to pursue Medicine at Keele University! Read why he picked Keele as his first choice.

Mahesh Kanesan
Studied in Keele University Medicine - MBCHB

The excitement I had on my face on A-level results day will never be forgotten as I knew all the hard work I have put in to pursue a career in medicine had finally paid off. I was going to Keele!

The idea to pursue a degree in medicine was not to be taken with a pinch of salt as I knew that it was a course with lifelong learning, implying I had to dedicate my life to it. Thus, I had to choose a university that was best suited for me.

Upon my university research list, Keele University was one of the few that stood out for their approach of teaching which integrated well with my style of learning. The university offered early clinical exposure, a spiral curriculum and the best of all, anatomy is taught with both prosection and dissection. On top of that, Keele University was ranked number 3 for medicine by the Guardian in 2020. I could not ask for more.

When I attended my interview, I was astonished by the way I was treated as they were the friendliest set of people I have ever seen at an interview. During this process, I questioned if the people here were generally all very down to earth. My speculations were proven right during my study here. It is really easy to talk to anyone around campus; especially on a night out. Also, we address our lectures on a first-name basis which enables us to build a very close reputation with them allowing us to ask them any questions without any sort of hesitation.

Unfortunately, covid prevented me from having the absolute experience as a first-year due to various lockdown restrictions. In the knowledge of the pandemic, the university understood that international students would have countless challenges to arrive on campus and wanted to make our transition as smooth as possible. So, they offered us a free taxi ride from the airport right to the doorstep of our accommodation, a space for our 14-day quarantine along with food and beverages, and to top it off, they deducted £ 1000 off our tuition fees.

When I first arrived at Keele, I was flabbergasted by the beauty of the campus compared to what I have been seeing on the website. The people I met on my arrival were extremely helpful and friendly. It was lovely to see squirrels running around campus. If I had to sum up my first impression of Keele in one word, it would be SPECTACULAR !
Keele is not only a place with great scenery, it is also a place with amazing people. The kind nature of people made my transition to university very smooth. There are a variety of societies and clubs offered at the university and you are even entitled to start up your own. For instance, one of the societies I joined in my first year at Keele is the Malaysian Society. This society made me feel very close to home which aided greatly with the prevention of homesickness. Moreover, Keele is located in a very ideal location as it is really close to Stoke and Newcastle Under Lyme. It is also a short train ride to both Manchester and Birmingham which gives you the best of both worlds.
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