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A Perfect Blend of Tranquility and Vibrancy

Sarah will take you on a journey through her personal experiences at York's campus, where tranquility and excitement coexist harmoniously. From the serene environment that fosters deep connections and lifelong friendships to the exceptional teaching and academic support provided by passionate lecturers, York offers a unique blend of learning and personal growth. Let's explore the enchanting allure of York together.

Sarah Kan
Studied in University of York BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science (with a year in industry)

I love York’s campus because of its peaceful environment with some excitement buzzing here and there. I enjoy the college community where I get to meet different people and that’s also where I met most of my good friends in university. In terms of teaching and academics, the lecturers at York are great teachers who really have a passion to help students understand not just theories and concepts but to see how these things are applicable in a real-life scenario. They are very friendly and they are always happy to sit down, have a chat and help improve students’ understanding of the modules.

I enjoy living in York because it’s a beautiful, historical city. There are a lot of historical structures and museums that one can explore. I like that it’s a safe and quiet environment but there’s also multiple annual events that happen where students can join in. Socially, I enjoy running and playing basketball with my friends especially when the weather gets warmer. My friends and I have a weekly movie session where we take turns picking the movie. I also tend to have friends gather at my house and we do a games night after cooking dinner together. Besides, I enjoy meeting up with friends and new people at societies’ social events. I appreciate that York has a wide range of clubs and societies to choose from so there’s always one where I can find people who share similar interests with.

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