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Malaysia joins the list of low-risk countries whose nationals applying for a Tier 4 student visa will benefit from a streamlined UK visa application process.

Under the streamlined process eligible applicants will generally not be expected to provide documentary evidence of financial maintenance and education qualifications, making the application process simpler and easier.

However please note that Malaysians, like nationals of all countries, will still need to meet the requirements in the immigration rules and students must be able to provide the appropriate documents if exceptionally requested.

 You are therefore advised to hold these documents and in addition, take these documents with you when you travel to the United Kingdom.

A TB certificate from an approved clinic is required for submission with the visa application.

Interviews for Acceptance to a Medical School

Most Medical schools will interview applicants intending to study there. The exact interview process will vary from one medical school to another and if you have been called for an interview, you should prepare accordingly and find out more about the Medical School and the programme in question. However there are often many common areas, in terms of the objectives of such interviews.

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (http://www.ncl.ac.uk/numed/) outlines some useful tips, in this article.

IELTS Registration

MABECS is a British Council IELTS authorised registration agent and will be able to assist you with registering for the IELTS at the British Council.

Visitors to MABECS in 2015

The following university representatives will be happy to meet with applicants and potential applicants, at the MABECS office. If you would like to meet with any university representative for more information on the university/courses being offered, please contact MABECS for an appointment: Email: ukdegrees@mabecs.com/Tel: 03-79567655/439.

09 Mar Cardiff University
  Ms Gemma Murphy, International Officer, College of Physical Sciences and Engineering
10 Mar University of Lincoln
  Mrs Siobhan Goggin, Joint Head of Division of Accountancy Finance and Economics
12 Mar University of Manchester
  Ms Rebecca Lee, Recruitment & Marketing Coordinator, Manchester Business School (UG)
19 Mar Manchester Metropolitan University
  Mr Alan Holmes, Manchester School of Art
  Ms Susan Kearvell, International Officer
20 Mar Queen Mary University of London
  Mr Jake Duffin, International Office
  Ms Emma Levy, Marketing Manager for the School of Economics and Finance
26 Mar University of Strathclyde
  Ms Jennifer Gazzard, Recruitment Officer (International)
  Ms Aileen Alexander, Department of Architecture

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